8 years of gratitude

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I first saved an empty draft of this post in April of 2014. I was approaching the beginning of my eighth year with Joystiq and reflecting on everything I’ve done in what once seemed like an impossible career.

If you’ve been keeping up with the (admittedly insular) world of video game news, you’ll know that quite a lot has changed in the intervening months. Joystiq, as it was, no longer exists. I can’t say that I’m grateful for its closure, though that hasn’t blunted my gratitude for all that Joystiq has brought me. When I was 23, it enabled me to earn a living doing something I loved, a privilege that very few get to enjoy. The job was always just a job though. Certainly I loved it, but, as I’ve written elsewhere, I try not to define myself by what I do. It’s easy to conflate work, hobbies and passions with self-identity, but I think people are a much more appropriate measurement. In that regard, I am extraordinarily wealthy. Joystiq has introduced me to some of the most wonderful people a person could meet, many of whom I’m fortunate enough to call my friends. I’m eternally grateful to everyone I’ve worked with at Joystiq.

Amy review notes

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Presented here are the notes I jotted down (well, typed) while playing Amy. Some I’ve deleted in retrospect, others I’ve expanded since beating the game, most are presented as-is. Think of it as a stream of consciousness way of expressing what I tried (and probably failed) to do with the 1000ish words in the review (which you can read over on Joystiq). Spoilers ahead, I suppose.

The coming tide

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My entire career hinges on two things: Chris Grant and the letter Q. It was a fluke that I even found Joystiq at all. In 2006, I was working for a manufacturing company as a project scheduler, my first real … Continued

Ruminations are incoming

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A lot of things going on this week, leaving me ruminating on the current state of things. First thing’s first, this place is going to need a sprucing up. Can anyone out there recommend a sweet WordPress theme? Should I … Continued

Review: Limbo

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Reprinted here my Limbo review as it appeared on Joystiq.com When trying to work out the best way to describe Limbo, I keep coming back to Edvard Munch. I’ve always been fascinated with Munch, an artist most famous for painting … Continued

Review: Bayonetta

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Reprinted here is the Bayonetta review I wrote for Joystiq.com The first thing you should know about Bayonetta is that the story is entirely unimportant. It makes no sense. At all. Period. There’s something about two warring clans, one of … Continued

Review: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

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Reprinted here is the Silent Hill: Shattered Memories review I wrote for Joystiq.com I’ve played every game in the series and a few years ago you might even have caught me defending the Silent Hill movie. When I first heard … Continued

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