E3 ’06: Wii Games Ran on Gamecubes

The new Wii design?

Take a look at that picture. Near the bottom, in the rat’s nest of wire. It’s silver with holes. That’s right, it’s a Gamecube! Apparently Nintendo was running all Wii software from Gamecubes during E3. This has led some to hope that the graphics of the final releases will be better. Take it for what you will, I just found it interesting.

—check out the orignal story on wiinintendo.net for bigger pics.

3 Replies to “E3 ’06: Wii Games Ran on Gamecubes”

  1. Although I would lend such an act to the likes of Sony, I think Nintendo’s usage is a bit more acceptable. They aren’t pushing some graphical powerhouse, and the Gamecube is integrated into the Wii.

    Personally, I wouldn’t count on the first generation games getting much of a facelift, especially the “simpler” games. But that’s fine with me. I just want to play the damn thing! LOL

  2. Well we saw what the gamecube still can do… what happens if the Wii got ahold of the same games?

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