Too Human and Tomb Raider

Hey all. Been a while since I really blogged here. I’ve discovered Twitter and Facebook, so you can check my profiles there if you want to keep up with what I’m up to (links are in this very sentence!).

As for what I’m up to, I’m anxiously, anxiously awaiting my copy of Too Human. I requested a review copy from Microsoft over a week ago, but it looks like my GameFly copy is going to beat the review copy to my house. I know Too Human reviews are kind of all over the place, but there is only one thing I really need to know: it’s a dungeon crawler. Based on the demo, it’s a pretty decent one. As long as each new piece of equipment comes with a significant stat boost and a visual reward (I hate games where you can’t see the items you’ve equipped), I’ll be a happy camper. The possibility of 4-player co-op in the sequel is nice too. Of course, if Diablo III lands before that, I might forget about the Too Human series altogether.

Another game on its way to my house is Tomb Raider Anniversary. I decided to rent it because Ludwig made it pretty clear to me during E3 that I wasn’t a good person unless I had played it. I like being a good person, so I figured it was worth a shot.

And, oh my lord, Castle Crashers. The wait for that game has been absolutely crushing. Alexander and I will be playing it the morning it comes out. We’ll be recording the shenanigans for XBLA in Brief. I predict it will be one hell of a good time. So good, in fact, it could very likely interfere with my work in much the same way that Bionic Commando Rearmed has (damn you, Super Hard difficulty!).

The best (or worst) thing is that from here on out there are good games dropping like flies all over the place. Silent Hill: Homecoming is scheduled to come out next frakking month. Duke Nukem 3D too. Insane. Oh, and I’m going to Santa Fe for my anniversary at the end of September. I can’t possibly deserve any of this.

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