I think the reason I write so very, very little here is that I feel the act is irrelevant. Few read 8bN and I give them little reason to do so. That said, I feel that I need to state “on the record” that I’m thrilled to see Barack Obama win the presidency. I won’t question his ability to inspire people, to move them with soaring oratory. Many have decried his speaking ability as a ruse, the tricks of a huckster merely trying to buy some votes.

And yet, I can tell you one thing: Not once has George W. Bush inspired me with his words. As a politician, Bush was made, manufactured. Obama wanted to be president, probably more than anyone in recent history, and probably because he had to in order to make it so far. Now it’s time for us to see if he can deliver.

I opened the door and looked into my backyard this morning. It was raining but the sun was still shining. Seems appropriate for the day after an election.

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  1. Hey man, I still have this in my RSS feed. So at least ONE person is out there LOL.

    I’m glad he will be taking the reins as well. At this point, we need change, and he seemed far more up to the task than the competition.

    It was a little disappointing to see the stock market dive immediately after, but that place always does that every 3/4’s a decade it seems. Good thing I’m not about to retire like many of my co-workers.

    Anyway, I think if we can keep the idea of unity in the country and working ourselves out of dysfunction, it will be interesting times indeed.

  2. Hey Richard. I also check this site every once in a while …just for kicks i guess.

    Anyway, sorry im a little off topic but i wanted to get your personal opinion on the New Xbox Joystiq Experience (if you will).

    How do you feel now that the website that you build, xbox360fanboy.com, is essentially Joystiq now.

    What do you think about all the seperate fanboy community sites being forced into a generic Joystiq website? (am i allowed to lead the witness?)

    and my last question-
    Do you think Joystiq had the community in mind when they decided to funnel all their fanboy sites into a bigger, bettter Joystiq?

    of course you dont have to answer seeing as how it could affect your job and im not a blogger or anything of the sort….just a simple xbox fanboy.

    thanks for your time man.
    -Mauricio A Chavez
    -GT: Zed Word

  3. Sorry man. I didn’t delete your questions, just didn’t get around to approving them. Sorry!

    I’ll address some of those questions shortly. Actually, I’ll have an editorial going up on Joystiq Xbox pretty soon. Keep an eye out for it.

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