Two years and lots of changes

Yes, it’s been nearly two years since I’ve written a post here. I won’t bother you by saying I’m going to try to increase post frequency. I mean… I am, but let’s not make promises.

It’s been a rough and tumble two years, what with Joystiq collapsing without warning. Thankfully, I was scooped up by the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce, and then by the Tulsa Community Foundation, to organize content for the XPO Game Festival here in Tulsa. I’ve been advising on its creation for several years now, and moving on to work on it full time has been amazing.

The show finally went off in September of 2016, and it was enormously gratifying. It seemed like everyone who attended, — visitors, exhibitors and speakers alike — had a great time. I had more than a few people personally tell me how grateful they were that XPO exists. I hope I can continue to earn that gratitude.

The other end of my job is helping to build and expand the tech and game development industries here in Tulsa. Last January, I started the Tulsa Game Developers group, which is now really starting to come into its own. It’s my hope in 2017 to see a TGD developed game make it onto the XPO show floor and onto a mass distribution platform. Here’s hoping!

Given all the professional changes in my life, I figured it was probably time to spruce up the ol’ website. I hope you like the new digs.

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