Comparison Shots of FF3 NES and DS UPDATE 4/26/06

Looka tha difference

UPDATE 4/26/06: Okay, I’ve gotten a lot of traffic through this story and I noticed a lot of people don’t seem to be getting to the site that is actually hosting these comparison shots. Please click on this link to find them, or click “comparison shots” below.

Kotaku has posted some comparison shots of the NES and DS versions of Final Fantasy 3. It looks like Square has squeezed some pretty impressive graphics out of the DS. I’m not a huge Final Fantasy buff, but this game looks pretty good. Also reported recently, the game will support Nintendo WiFi in some form.

—from Ruliweb (via Kotaku)

Review: Condemned: Criminal Origins

Caring is Creepy

Condemned—one of the first titles available for the 360 last November—is an interesting experiment. What the creators at Monolith have attempted is to put players in the shoes of a detective, allowing them to investigate crime scenes while simultaneously defending themselves from the denizens of the night. The game aims to mix forensics with fear and brutality. Does it succeed? Read on to find out.

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New Huxley Info


1-up has posted new info on the MMO FPS Huxley. I’ve been waiting for this game for some time. Of interest is that there will be marked differences between the 360 and PC versions. Namely, each version will have a different hub city exclusive to one platform. These hubs act as the neutral zones outside of battle, much like the lobbies in Phantasy Star Online or the towns in Diablo. Other tidbits include:

  • The 360 version will have a traditional single player campaign
  • Graphically, the PC and 360 versions should be “roughly equivalent”
  • Online play will be cross-platform, allowing PC and 360 players to share the same game space
  • Huxley will feature a quest system. Main quests and side quests can be obtained from NPCs

Exciting news for sure. Check out 1-up for more screens.

Addicts Are Scary

Just Say No

Condemned gets progressively messed up as you play. Enemies get more and more atavistic—to the point that you’re being attacked by puddles of bubbling goo. Not really, but the mummy/burn victim freaks will cave in your psyche and your skull. The psychic flashes of moments past and things supernatural increase in the later levels. The frequency of these events will have you questioning your own sanity at times. Annie swears that things move and change when you’re not looking. I still refute this claim, but I don’t blame her for making it. I’ll try and write a proper feature when I finish the game.

In other news, I picked up the original Silent Hill over the weekend. I haven’t played it in a long time and I never got the “good” ending. I’m working up the courage to start it up soon. The movie’s release inches closer. I can’t wait.

Eggs Suck, Lara Is Better

Better than the Easter Bunny

So, I walked into my apartment yesterday. What did I spy? An Easter basket, replete with plastic grass, candy, and disgusting Cadbury Eggs? No, no that’s not what was there. You know what was there? A brand new copy of Tomb Raider: Legend, snugly wrapped in lovely cellophane. I love my fiance (Annie). I haven’t received an Easter gift this cool since my Mom got me a stuffed rabbit that turned into an Easter egg, and, let me assure you, that thing kicked ass.

Thanks, babe. 


More PS3 Woes

It's a PS3

Amidst recent–and quickly debunked—rumors that PS3 will be “hellaexpensive, Kotaku is reporting that PS3’s innards are much too big for its…um…outerds. To wit:

“…currently, the innards of a Playstation 3 are too large to functionally fit in the case. Although fat people can suck in their massive guts or cram fists fulls of cellulite down into a slimming girdle, no such option exists for the PS3, meaning that either the sleek and empty cases they’ve been showing off will have to grow larger to accommodate the electronic bulk or the components themselves will have to shrink… and soon.”
Bad (rumored) news for the Sony behemoth, to be certain. Add to that the other widely publicized rumor that PS3’s OS will hog an nearly 25% of the systems resources and 1 of its 7 cores. Interesting development. Will the PS3 crush the competition? Will it’s newfound girth crush small children? Nobody knows.

SEGA to Introduce New Handheld?


It's Got Ears

There’s a rumor floating around on Kotaku that SEGA may introduce a new handheld. The image at right is purportedly a design for the device—code named Hedgehog *shudder*. It would support many connectivity features and a touchscreen as well. Supposedly it will be compatible with the entire SEGA library from the Master System all the way up to the Dreamcast. While I certainly hope this is true, it’s almost certainly bunk. It’s nice to dream though.

–via Game Politics. Image from Kotaku.

UPDATE: Consider the dream officially debunked. Richard am cry :(

Condemned Gives Me the Creeps

I swear it moved...

Condemned genuinely scared me last night. More than once. I’m not just talking about addicts jumping out of the closet either—which did happen, by the way. If you’ve ever watched pseudo-paranormal crime dramas, you’re familiar with the detective who has ESP. Basically, Agent Thomas—the main character of Condemned—has a supernatural ability to see what happened at a crime scene. For intance, you’ll walk into a room and see a brief scene that gives you clues on where to search.

Sometimes, however, this ability tends to ”act up”. It’s a good reflection of Thomas’ mental state. You’ll wind up seeing things that aren’t there—a torrent of dead birds falling from the sky for example. Imaginary enemies pop up, too. You’ll see them disappear around a corner and never show up again. It really messes with your head.

Oh, and elements of the environment can also change instantly. The only bit of information I’ll give away on this topic: “mannequins”. Have fun in the department store level.

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Sesame Street the Game?





I found a nifty article on Gamasutra’s new sister site Serious Games Source. It compares video games to the early days of television: flooded with advertisements and valueless dreck, a “vast wasteland,” if you will. From the article:

Unlike television, the meteoric rise of computer and video games over the past decade has gone largely unnoticed except by the digiteratti and cultural anthropologists cruising web zines and blogs. This may be because games are not a technology per se, but applications that slip into our lives on the backs of existing technologies, from computers, to televisions and cell phones. They are less hardware and more software. Like many mass culture phenomena, games are understood more on the basis of prevailing myths than reality. Few people realize that the average gamer is 30 years old, that over 40 percent are female, and that most adult gamers have been playing games for 12 years.

One reason myths shape public perceptions is because few universities have seen computer games as worthy of serious academic study, robbing the discourse around games of robust data on their use characteristics, effects, and potential value. There is, of course, the annual Congressional attack on the game world and its denizens, calling for more control of violent games and, like our TV-addicted forebearers, warning of dire consequences to mind and family. Politicians have conveniently made computer games a target of derision rather than a pedagogical ally or tool for public engagement.

Should there be a Corporation for Public Gaming, akin to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting? The article is a great read. go check it out.